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Snowline JUSD Board of Trustees Area 2

One position is open for election. Three candidates are running for on spot. None of the candidates are incumbents.

Daniel Flores – Assistant Pastor

My name is Daniel Flores, and I am asking for your vote on November 3 for the position of Snowline School Board, Area 2. 

As a Serrano High School graduate, I feel very fortunate to have received such a quality education.  Throughout my years there, dedicated staff and passionate teachers created a safe learning environment for all students while providing the proper resources to become successful.  My desire is to not only see those things continue but also improve for the next generation of Snowline students.  The best thing we can do for our students is to provide them with a first-class education so they can be competitive after their time with us.  With every child being unique, we must do our best to create educational opportunities for EVERY student in our district.

I understand Snowline is more than students.  Teachers, staff, and the community are vital to the district’s overall success.  My goals for each are as follows: 

For Students: 1) Expand educational and career pathway opportunities to guarantee success after high school.   2) Create a safer learning environment at each school site.

For Teachers: 1) Provide the proper tools and support to offer the highest standard of education in the desert.  2) Enhance classrooms to be state-of-the-art with technology that assists teachers in their pursuit of giving students quality education.

 For the Community: 1) Create continuing education opportunities in the form of adult education.  2) Increase Victor Valley College’s course offerings at Serrano.

I have served as an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Phelan for five years. I have served in full-time ministry for nine years, most of those years working with students. Additionally, I have worked closely with Snowline JUSD as a Campus Chaplain with our School Police, and have helped with the coordination of events on different campuses.  So much of my success in life has come from the outstanding education I received at Snowline, and I want to see the same, if not more, opportunities given to ALL of the students in the Snowline Family.

Daniel Flores – 760.563.2424 – Floresforschoolboard.com

Anona Gasca – Public School Educator

I have been a proud member of the Tri-Community for 20 years, and I am running for Snowline School Board, Area 2.  With your vote, I will strive to ensure that district students receive a world-class education to realize their fullest potential.

MY FAMILY:  My husband, Steve, and I moved to Phelan with our son Hunter in 2000.  We fell in love with the clean air, rural zoning, mountain and valley views, climate, Snowline Schools, and the overall wholesomeness that small-town living offers. Steve is an Electrical Contractor.  He coached AYSO Youth Soccer and served as Grounds Foreman for the Phelan Rodeo.  Hunter is an Electrical Engineer in training and works with his Dad.  Hunter supported achievement in STEM in public schools and has served as a project mentor, team coach, and regional and state-level science fair judge.

MY EDUCATION: I hold a BA degree in Communications, a BS in Equestrian Science, and an MA in Education.  My professional credentials include a Multiple Subject Credential, Administrative Services Credential, Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate, Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Certificate, and Heart of Coaching Facilitator Certificate.

MY EXPERIENCE: I am a 28-year veteran public school educator.  I teach for San Bernardino City Schools, a district that serves 53,000 students and boasts a 93.6% graduation rate.  I promote student achievement at an award-winning K-6 science magnet school and, as a Program Specialist, providing leadership and technical assistance for expanded learning programs district-wide, benefiting 10,000 children and youth.  Among other accomplishments, I’ve won grants and leveraged resources to create and lead STEM programs and winning academic teams that engaged families and cultivated students’ interests and talents that inspired career pathways.

MY COMMUNITY SERVICE: My citizen volunteer service includes serving on the Phelan Municipal Advisory Council, chairing the Phelan/Pinon Hills Community Plan Committee, holding leadership roles as a member of the SBSD Sheriff’s Parade Detail and Phelan Equestrian Patrol, and chairing the Community Services District’s (CSD) Parks and Rec.  Equestrian Subcommittee to support a $5,000,000 grant proposal for a community park.   I also served on the GATE Parent Advisory Committee for Snowline Schools.

WHY ANONA? My background and years of experience will bring wisdom and a fresh perspective to the Snowline Governing Board.  With integrity and through collaborative processes, I will support initiatives that have maximum benefit for students and ensure that hard-earned taxpayer dollars are used wisely.

STAY IN TOUCH: Please visit my website to learn more about why you can trust me with your vote.  While there, I would love to hear what’s on your mind.  Platforms: Safe Schools, Student Achievement, COVID-19 Response, Fiscal Responsibility, Traditional American Values.

Safe Schools and High Expectations Together!  www.VoteAnona.win

Todd Moen – Retired Business Owner

My name is Todd Moen, and I am running to serve as your Snowline School Board, Area 2 Board Member.  I have lived and owned a home in Phelan for over 35 years. My wife, Lisa, and I have raised three children who attended K-12 in the Snowline School District.  We are extremely proud of our children, as they have each gone on to pursue higher education and establish successful careers.  We are thankful to Snowline for the opportunities this community has provided them.  Two of our children now teach within the district, and two of our five grandchildren attend schools in Snowline as well.  I have a profound appreciation for public schools and a deep-rooted understanding of our community and opportunities available to our youth.  

As a veteran and retired business owner, I want to dedicate my time to our community.  Before retiring last year, I owned and operated a successful HVAC business for forty years.  Through this experience, I bring fifteen years of working directly with Snowline administration on budgets, contract negotiation, and operational efficiency.  My experience serving on various boards, both for business and non-profit, provides me with a keen insight into balancing budgets and working efficiently with a diverse group of people.  With this experience, I will establish common grounds between our educators and administration with a focus on maintaining high-quality education for our children.  

I have worked with and volunteered with various programs over the years.  I had the honor of partnering with OPARC for the last twenty years, and admire their mission to support, employ, and transform the lives of people with disabilities.  I was proud to have had the opportunity to hire and grow close to many individuals with this program while supporting and finding opportunities for them in the workforce.  I also volunteered for twelve years and served on the board for eight years with our Tri-Community AYSO.  What I enjoyed and promoted during my time with AYSO was their mission statement, “Everyone Plays.”  I will carry the spirit of inclusivity that these programs promoted throughout my tenure as your board member. 

If elected, I will devote my time with our community visiting each of the school sites and listening to the concerns of students, parents, teachers, and the greater community. Together, with an open mind, we will seek sound solutions.  Supporting our students and encouraging their success after leaving Snowline is of the utmost importance, and I will remain dedicated to supporting and promoting career-focused learning through CTE/ROP programs and pathways in addition to college readiness and hands-on learning at all levels.

The Snowline Teachers Association endorses me.  Please visit my website for more information and words from our community: toddmoen.com.

Snowline JUSD Board of Trustees Area 5

One position is open for election.  Three candidates are running for one spot.  Nathan Bristol  did not submit a statement below.

Graham Ludlow

My name is Graham Ludlow, and I am running for Snowline School Board Trustee Area #5 to give parents and community members a voice of reason and a plan of action as we navigate these unprecedented times Covid-19 has brought upon us.  I will bring an unprecedented level of accountability and transparency to the Snowline School Board.  For far too long, the current administration has had a culture of sweeping things “under the rug” and ignoring issues.  The time for transparency and integrity is now.

I plan on creating new programs that support the single and working parents of our great community.   Far too often, single and working parents are given little support from the school administration.  These kids are most likely to end up with educational or discipline problems.  With some common-sense solutions, we can have a positive impact on many families.

I plan on a return to core conservative family values being taught in our education system.  We need to reverse the current trend and reintroduce the idea of patriotism and American exceptionalism in our schools.  Our students need to be taught that America is the greatest country to ever exist.

I am a strong supporter of school choice.  Every parent should have an option as to where to send their children to school.  School choice is the only choice.  It’s time to put someone on the School Board that will end the money and power grab.

As a longtime member of the Tri-Community, I have served both my church and community with passion and patriotism. As a husband of a 14-year educator, I’ve seen the amazing passion and skill the Snowline Staff has, and 100% support their efforts. As a long-time business person, I understand the importance of working “with” the unions, not “for” unions.  We need fair and firm negotiations moving forward and not allow unions to hold our children’s education hostage.

With your help, we can return our students safely back to their classrooms. With your help, we can MAKE EDUCATION GREAT AGAIN!

Tari O’Neill

I am Tari O’Neill, candidate for Snowline Joint Unified School Board Governing Board, Area 5. 

I’m running for this position to make a difference in the education of all our students.  When my family settled here years ago, I was drawn to the Tri-Community as the most respected place to live in the High Desert and loved how the schools had the best vision and outcomes for our kids.  It was a place free from conflict and full of potential.  We were thriving.  Teachers were thrilled to have an impact on the students while we supported the direction of administrators.  Inter-district transfer requests were at a high as families wanted the benefit of our education.  I fully desire that sense of community for Snowline and believe we are a place we can be proud of. 

Karie LaFever, a former SJUSD Trustee for 25 years, has endorsed me and encouraged my efforts to serve you.  I am thankful and appreciative of her leadership, knowledge, and guidance throughout this journey.  I am also supported by several Serrano cheerleaders, athletes, ASB students, and local businesses and community groups. 

I have no personal agenda or commitment to any party or group who wants to tell me how to vote.  I listen to concerns from others and am approachable. 

As an active community member for the past 38 years, I’ve seen a lot of changes.  As a decision-maker, I research alternatives before finding the best plan.  As an innovator, I look for creative ways to bring balance to needed transitions.

My teaching experience at home and remotely for 30 years gives me a great understanding of the complicated issues our students are now facing. My expertise lies in finding solutions that benefit our children through untapped resources.  My passion is for those who have not had a voice and helping them secure a future.

I worked as a classified reading specialist, para-educator, and girls’ basketball coach at Serrano High  School, operated a private tutoring business, offered group lab courses, and volunteered as an educational consultant throughout the High Desert for students who need extra support.  I’ve acquired negotiation skills, collaboration, and the benefits of positive reinforcement through my Organizational Leadership major.

Realizing the great benefits of traditional and unique extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, pathways, and technology through my own children’s experiences, I will aim to provide continued inclusion of these offerings in the curriculum.

I will fight for the rights of students and families, listen to the needs and requests of educators and support staff, and protect taxpayers by aligning with Full and Fair funding.

Wholesome Education • Fiscal Responsibility • Learning Opportunities for All.

Instagram: @tari4schoolboard


Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District

Two positions are open for election.  Three candidates are running for the two spots.  Two are incumbent Directors.

Rebecca Kujawa – Incumbent

My name is Rebecca A. Kujawa, and I am running for the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Service District, Board of Directors.  I believe all residents deserve access to quality water, recycling, community parks, and activities.  As a recently appointed board member of the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Service District, I have gained a broad knowledge of our water, recycling, and park services.  One of my goals as a board member is to work directly with staff to add more park and recreation activities for our community members.

My family has lived in this community for 16 years, and we’ve been blessed to have two children graduate from Serrano High School.  I currently work as a Special Education Instructional Associate for Snowline Schools and have done so for the past 12 years.  I have also volunteered with the Phelan Chamber of Commerce for almost five years, working as a Director and Treasurer.  Volunteering has given me the ability to help with Phelan Phun Days, Concerts in the Park, and Angel Tree.  My experiences allow me to work well with other board members while serving our district and our community. 

Some of my community involvement qualifications include sitting on the Board of Directors for the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Service District (Nov 2019 – Present) and being a member of the Phelan Chamber of Commerce as a Board Director/Treasurer (August 2016 – Present).

I look forward to serving the community in the upcoming years.  www.facebook.com/Rebecca-A-Kujawa-Phelan-Pinon-Hills-Community-Service-District-109907830799203/

Mark Roberts – Incumbent, Geologist

Born and raised in California, I moved with my family to the Tri-Community in 1988.  The rural, small-town atmosphere has been a wonderful environment for raising my two daughters.  Over the past 30 years, I have enjoyed and participated in our communities’ growth, working as church Board Member and Treasurer at Evergreen Lutheran Church of Phelan and coaching on my daughters’ soccer and baseball teams in past years.

Earning a degree in Geology from California Lutheran College at Thousand Oaks in 1975, I have worked as a Geologist in various capacities.  Since 1987 I have worked as a Consulting Groundwater Geologist for numerous Water Districts, City Water Departments, and Water Agencies, including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties.  I am licensed with the State of California as a Registered Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist.  My areas of expertise include water well construction and testing, water quality, and water rights issues. 

This November, I ask for your vote to serve as a member of the Board for the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District.

Carmen Blandino

My name is Carmen T. Blandino, and I am running for a seat on the Board of Directors of the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District.  My husband, Steve, and I have been proud Pinon Hills citizens since we built our home here in 2007.  Over the course of these past 13 years, we have seen our Tri-Community grow, burn, and rebuild.   We have met amazing neighbors and made new lasting friendships.   We have learned that living in a rural community, such as ours, we must grow to trust, depend upon, support, and look out for each other.

To others outside of our community, our little community services district may not seem as important as city councils in large urban cities.  I, however, believe that it is critically more important because it not only provides much-needed services to our local community, but it helps to foster a greater sense of unity.   Since our communities are not incorporated, it is easy to lose our town identity, but the programs offered by the Community Services District bring us together in unity.  

It was because of this that I chose to run for office.   I am concerned about our community water rights and the safety of our parks.   And just like many of you, I enjoy participating in our community events such as the Farmers Market and Phelan Phun Days. 

However, as a concerned citizen, I am interested in not only how our board protects our right to our aquifers and the plans for safer parks, but also would like to see more recycling opportunities offered, a broader range of activities offered for our residents, greater use of our community centers, and find ways to encourage greater participation from our residents, all the while building a greater sense of community pride and unity.  I humbly ask for your vote to serve as a member of the Board so that I may represent you and all residents in our community.

Wrightwood Community Services District – Short Term

One position is open for election.  Three candidates are running for one spot.  One is an incumbent director.

Chad Keel

Hello, Wrightwood residents.  Here is a little information on Chad Keel. He opened Eleven Elevation Jiu-Jitsu Academy and Bigfoot Bowls in Wrightwood because he believes in health and education.  Chad helped restart Wrightwood Neighborhood Watch because he believes Wrightwood should be protected.  Chad created Nature Reconnection Class in Wrightwood because he felt people needed to learn about and protect nature.  Chad got directly involved with the Red Brennan Group because he believes fees placed on our property taxes without our vote are illegal.  Chad started Citizens of San Bernardino County because he felt our county residents should be more informed.  Chad started Pakistan Primitive Survival Workshop to teach emergency disaster relief to communities most in need.  Chad wrote the book, ‘Mastering the Art of Friction Fire’, to preserve indigenous skills going extinct worldwide.  Chad wrote the book, ‘Perspective Shift’, to help people write out and reach their goals. Chad is a man of action, a man of his word, and always gets the job done.

Community Vision:  Chad believes that the preservation and education of native plants and animals should be considered with all initiatives.  Chad is a believer in native landscaping utilizing drought-tolerant plants within our parks and conserving water resources sustainably as Wrightwood develops. Chad would like to open up better communications with the County Public Works Department, Highway Patrol, CR&R, and the County Sheriff to develop a more sustainable approach to managing snow-play in our winter season.  Chad would also like to work with the POA and CR&R to develop a sustainable management plan for our village trail.  The goal is to strengthen sustainable tourism and promote positive economic growth in our small mountain community.

Charter schools complement the existing public school system by providing an alternative learning environment.  Chad believes that strengthening the community of families who utilize charter schools is extremely important for our town.  Chad would like to see the Wrightwood community building be made entirely available to the Charter schools to strengthen community bonds.  Chad would also like to see the CSD develop a youth after school program for Wrightwood Elementary, Pinon Mesa Middle School, and Charter school students. Chad would like to see more programs like this developed to serve our community and strengthen our children’s learning, character development, and confidence.

Chad was very involved in the reboot of the Wrightwood Neighborhood Watch and helped bring the community together.  Chad would like to see the CSD partner with community groups, donate the community building, and not make it difficult for our community to come together.

Wrightwood is and will continue to be a safe place to live because of our communication and open network. Chad would like to see the CSD facilitate this communication and network moving forward.

Visit: www.chadkeel.com to get involved or to learn more.

Chuck Franklin – Incumbent

My name is Chuck Franklin, and I have been a Director of the Wrightwood CSD since October 2017.  I came to Wrightwood in April of 2011.  

 I graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science Commerce degree.  I played professional baseball in the Philadelphia Phillies Minor league system. 

 I have been a General Manager of 2 private ambulance companies, Courtesy Ambulance in the City of San Bernardino and Desert Valley Medical Transport in Victorville.  I gained much experience while working for these companies when  I interacted with City government and the San Bernardino County Board Supervisors.

I joined CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) in 2011, when I first moved to Wrightwood.  I became Division C supervisor by the end of that year.  I have volunteered for the Wrightwood annual Pine Needle pick up the last six years.   I am a past Board Member of the Wrightwood Property Owners Association (WWPOA) and a member since 2011. 

 I have been on the Wrightwood CSD committee for establishing our Budget, and I believe we have accomplished setting a strong financial base for the entire Wrightwood community. 

 I am the only Director to have attended all of the CSD Meetings since it’s creation.  I have taken LAFCO educational training programs on Special Districts Laws and Understanding The Basics, including Public Projects, Prevailing Wages, Public Records Act, and Conflicts of Interest. 

 I am asking for your vote to continue as your Director for the next two years.

Kimberly Blough

My name is Kimberly Blough, and I am a Wrightwood resident, a non-profit worker, a mother to children in elementary school and high school, and a foster mom.  Before my family moved here three years ago, I lived and worked in a diverse neighborhood in San Diego, where I contributed to and helped set up “community round tables” for the non-profit I worked with at the time.  The purpose of these round tables was to gain input from residents and start dialogues regarding various community grants and public projects slated to take place. These experiences were invaluable in teaching me how to reach out to residents and listen, discern who was not being heard, and bring those people to the table. 

Shortly after moving here, my family experienced a terrible tragedy that showed us exactly how the beautiful community of Wrightwood pulls together and cares for one another, just because we are neighbors. We are an amazing community that cares about ALL of our residents.  We see the value in each other, as humans.  Our community is only growing in richness and diversity, and through this growth, it is important to invite everyone to the table.  We need to ensure that we hear the voices of new people moving in and actively listen to the voices of long-time residents.  We need to seek out the quieter voices and bring them to the table, too.  A vote for me will guarantee having someone on the CSD who will work hard to make sure YOUR voice is heard because your voice is a valuable contribution to our community. Thank you for your consideration.

Wrightwood Community Services District – Regular Term

Two positions are open for election.  Three candidates are running for two spots.  Wes Zuber did not submit a statement.

Natalie Lopiccolo – Incumbent

My name is Natalie Lopiccolo, and I am running for a 4-year term as a board member for the Wrightwood Community Services District.  I am hoping for the opportunity to be re-elected and to continue serving my community for another term.

I have a B.A. in Administration, with a concentration in Marketing, from California State University San Bernardino, as well as an A.A. in Liberal Arts from Victor Valley College.

I was appointed to the Wrightwood Municipal Advisory Council in February 2015 and served as a board member until the MAC was dissolved and the CSD was formed.   

I was originally part of the Feasibility Committee for a Wrightwood Community Services District, prior to the CSD being approved by voters and established.  During that process, I engaged in research of special district operations, organized public informational meetings, interfaced with government agencies, and spoke as an advocate for the formation of the CSD to government representatives and community members.  I supported the formation because I believed, as I still do, that we could deliver better service to the community at the local level.  

Once I was elected as a board member, our board worked together to build the new CSD from the ground up.  During my term, I have spent a sizable amount of my time organizing parks and recreation programs for the community.  Most notably, I worked with the Board of Directors and community members to create an adult softball league, which has run for five seasons so far, with the largest season boasting 18 teams.  We also created an adult soccer league, a youth flag football league, and a cornhole league.  I could not be prouder of the success of these programs.  I wholeheartedly enjoyed watching over 250 community members gather on Sundays with their families and engage in physical activity and social bonding.   

We have created a solid framework for our parks and recreation department by establishing successful programs and developing a model for a parks and recreation coordinator.  We have been able to produce tangible financial results by generating revenue for the district through registration fees and community participation.  My goal is to continue my work towards building a vibrant parks and recreation department in Wrightwood.

I am grateful for my time as a board member thus far, and I am proud of my fellow board members for all they have done to contribute to the betterment of our community.  I have learned a great deal from my time as a public servant, and know I have much to offer my community through my experiences. 

I am asking for support from my fellow community members in the upcoming election, and hope to get the opportunity to serve another term!

Sadie Albers – Small Business Owner

Sadie has five years of experience as a communications professional, most of which in city government/law enforcement working on strategic communications campaigns, social media marketing, community engagement, and civic outreach. She has been at the forefront of communicating evacuations for major fires, arson, kidnapping, homicide, gang violence, school threats, missing persons, global pandemic, and major protests/riots.

As a lifelong resident of Wrightwood, with a background in public and community relations, she plans to focus on advancing our town’s image and giving a voice to the local business owners.  Consistent publicity and communication with residents and visitors will help bring in more revenue to the local economy and allow the town to flourish and invest in more community programs and benefits. 

Sadie has a bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations, a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), and two graduate certificates in public administration and organizational leadership.  She is certified in image management strategies from the FBI, incident command, and PIO from FEMA and as an advanced public information officer. 

In her free time, she loves exploring the local hiking trails with her dogs, Carl and Dino, riding her Peloton, and spending time with her godsons.

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