Shortages Continue Months into Pandemic

Photo By: Anna Perez
Six months into the pandemic, some household items are still hard to find at the grocery stores.
By I.I. Cabrera

After six months into the covid-19 pandemic, shortages on household items continue at stores in the community. When the virus began people started hoarding food and other common items which led to shortages at the stores.

Items that were in short supply at first included paper products like toilet paper and napkins, bleach, baby wipes, cleaning supplies, flour, pancake mix, dog and cat food, frozen foods, milk and eggs, and canned food. Of these items that were found in stock, customers we limited in how many of each they were able to purchase.

During a recent visit to the Phelan Stater Bros, all of those items were in stock, but their availability is sometimes sporadic according to locals. Items that were in limited supply include breakfast meats and canned veggies. The paper aisle was stocked, but the isle was only half full. While conducting interviews with members of the tri-community, items they reported unavailable during their shopping included soda, rice, meats, saltine crackers, Modelo, and Pacifico beer in anything above a six-pack and bean dip for chips.

Are there any items you have found missing while shopping at your local stores? Comment to keep us informed.

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