Create Art In Your Garden

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Meet at the Phelan Community Garden every month to learn important lessons about gardening.
By Michelle Hannon

Gardening 101 class for August 8th is Creating Art in the Garden.  Classes are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:30am in the Phelan Community Garden led by Master Gardener Michelle Hannon.

Michelle is a San Bernardino County certified Master Gardener and Master Composter, and an Occidental Arts and Ecology Center graduate in the Garden Teacher Training program. She shares her gardening expertise with great enthusiasm and teaches at a level that is easily understood along with an hands-on experience that you will be able to apply to your garden.

 The Community Garden is based on nutrition from the ground up. July’s class- Pest & Critter Control was very interesting.  Did you know not all pests & critters are harmful to your plants?

Pest management should start from the beginning of your garden layout.  “Be prepared for the worst so you can have the best.”  To help with this the PPHCSD offers free mulch.  Also covered was weed management and invasive species including grass, how to deal with bad garden bugs and small critter prevention.  There are a lot of organic bug pesticides to make for your home garden.  One part mouthwash- three parts water for powdery mildew is one example.

As for bugs- pick them off the plant, wash the plant with water from top to bottom, add good bugs such as; lady bugs, spiders, lacewings, etc.  Hand pick weeds and mulch them thick enough to block out the sunlight. Marigolds are a good plant to put in your garden, bugs tend to stay away from them.  Join Michelle each 2nd Saturday at 10:30am.  All ages are welcome.

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